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With the increasing installed capacity of new energy power plants, in order to solve a series of power quality problems such as voltage fluctuation caused by grid-connected new energy power plants, unqualified grid-connected power factor and rapid reactive power change, static var generator has been widely used.


The operation reliability of the product has been greatly improved by using full-enclosed control cabinet, high-protection technology of power module, real-time temperature acquisition and monitoring technology of the whole module, and master-slave cooperative parallel control technology.


Special harmonic compensation and resonance suppression function, unbalance compensation function, frequency overrun operation ability, high-precision module voltage equalization technology, sub-synchronous oscillation suppression technology, high-speed control ability, reactive power closedloop within 300us can quickly and accurately solve the power quality problems of new energy power plants, escort for better and more power generation.


Advanced heat dissipation system and IP54 protective grade containers ensure reliable operation of products in extremely harsh environments. Intelligent fan control unit, unique no-load operation mode and intelligent constant temperature control technology save up to 44% of power consumption and reduce operation costs for power plants.


The design of high power density power module and compact high voltage insulation structure of the whole machine make TSVG achieve the minimum floor area under the same compensation capacity and reduce construction investment.

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We cooperate with the manufacturer and act for you in the planning, sale and installation of the static var generator. With our experience and knowledge, you can benefit from the offer to the installation.

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renewable energy

Move away from stable energy (e.g. power plants) and generate dynamic energy with the "static var compensator".


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