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We offer vital signs monitors with measurement parameters (EKG, NIBP, SPO2, RESP, PR, TEMP, etc.) for patients of all ages (adults, children and newborns).


Whether modular, portable or mobile patient monitors, central monitoring systems, hemoperfusion devices, patient monitors for the transport of newborns, patient monitors for the inspection of the newborn ward, modular surgical patient monitor, integrated diagnostic system, vital sign monitor, digital portable electrocardiograph, electrochannel electrocardiograph, ECG workstation, ultrasound workstation Workstation Doppler, fetal / maternal monitor or central monitoring system for obstetrics - we are your experts and partners for your clinic or doctor's practice solution.



🗸 Vital signs monitor for patients of all ages: adults, children and newborns

🗸 Measurement parameters: EKG, NIBP, SPO2, RESP, PR, TEMP, etc.

🗸 7-lead ECG waveforms are displayed on the same screen

🗸 Portable plug-in battery for continuous monitoring

🗸 Support external display and simultaneous dual screen

🗸 Support wired and wireless networks, which are widely used in the central monitoring system


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