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Human Resources Outsourcing


Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) is a management strategy that contracts out some functions of human resources management to professional organizations. It aims to effectively improve efficiency and make the operation of outsourcing functions more professional. In the organization's human resource management practice, some non-strategic functions are often used for outsourcing. With the development of information technology since the 1990s, the application of outsourcing strategies in the field of human resource management has become increasingly frequent.

Smartphone Test


1.   Basic communication knowledge: such as                    standard, network, frequency band,                              characteristics of basic communication protocol          (voice, data access form, principle of SMS and            MMS, etc.)

2.    The working principle and characteristics of                important devices: camera, lcd, TP, charging flow        chart, boot process

3.   Some certification standards: network access,              storage, third-party certification

4.   Understand some Linux-related instructions

Medical equipment Maintenance


1.    Detailed daily maintenance

2.    Equipment maintenance work

3.    Regular maintenance and inspection

4.    Familiar with the operation and engineering                   structure of various medical devices

5.    Rich hands-on experience


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